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Monitor and control what your users and devices are accessing, without breaking the bank, without invading their privacy and without affecting performance.

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    Harness your DNS

    SHEPD acts as your DNS server and protects your users according to policies you configure.

    Threat intelligence for dangerous domains SHEPD receives feeds of threat intelligence on active internet threats, updating constantly, allowing you to spot malware infections and block further communication.

    Protect remote devices Protect your users, whether they are in the office, working from home, or travelling. Users are protected even when not connected to the corporate VPN.

    Deploy to the cloud Monitor your cloud workloads. Compatible with all major cloud providers.

    Retain complete control Block or warn. Choose domain categories to monitor for. Per-user blocking. Supports custom whitelists and blacklists.

    Monitoring console Monitor all devices on your account through a simple console.

    Built for speed DNS is critical to everyday internet usage and a key factor in user perceptions of performance. SHEPD is built for speed with an intelligent caching engine to give the best experience.

    SHEPD is privacy-conscious We will never sell DNS logs for marketing purposes. The data your users send and receive is never scanned or logged by SHEPD, as we operate only at the DNS layer.

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    Protect your users whether at the office, working from home or on the move. No VPN needed. Also covers on-premise servers.

    SHEPD Cloud

    Add more meaning to your existing monitoring. Protect your cloud infrastructure. All major providers supported.