Built in the cloud, for the cloud

We understand cloud. In fact, SHEPD is developed in and delivered from the cloud. You can deploy SHEPD with ease to any part of your cloud environment. We work with any major cloud provider.

Understand third-party service usage See which pieces of your infrastructure consume what services

Enhance existing monitoring Through DNS logs, you get much more clarity over what an application or service is trying to access and why

Add security to your DNS Protect your external DNS traffic from man-in-the-middle snooping and manipulation with TLS encryption

Up to date threat intelligence SHEPD monitors feeds from leading threat intelligence providers. Block malicious traffic before connections can even be made.

Complete control Monitor and warn/block on entire categories of domains and threats without needing to resort to IP lists. SHEPD's threat intelligence handles the dirty work for you, and keeps track of changes transparently.

Aids debugging Debug your applications and infrastructure by examining DNS requests to understand behaviours.

Does not hurt performance Lightning fast DNS inside the cloud, with an intelligent and configurable cache.

Cloud-agnostic Works with all major cloud providers.

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